One night last year, I was at a bar with a friend who ran into an old classmate of theirs and the two of them were talking for quite some time. As I twiddled my thumbs, I noticed that the stranger beside me was writing in a notebook while deep in thought. He had charts, notes, and sketches in the book. I’d had enough beer at this point to not be ashamed of my curiosity and I introduced myself. After about an hour of discussion, we’d found common interests in writing, board games, and Norse mythology. Fast-forward a year, and I am the editor at Little Hammer Games, a small board game development company that he started.

Recently, Josh reached out and asked if I would do a Q&A with him and I was more than  happy to do so! I was pleasantly surprised by how much his questions made me think about my own writing practice and project priorities.

You can read the Q&A here!

Little Hammer Games

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